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Shorten the distance between users, doctors, and different medical facilities. providing high quality medical information and up to date scientific medical developments and resources for better health awareness and richer education.

As A Doctor

* In curelines you can establish your own online clinic and professional medical profile for free.

* Expand your medical networks and reach to worldwide online users.

* Enrich your medical knowledge and explore a different new cases and questions.

* Shorten the distance between you and your patients

* Reach easy to different medical expert, and other medical facilities.

* Show up Your accomplishments, experience, biography and publish your researchs and articles.

* Notice : As much as your profile work effectively it's will appear constantly on curelines homepage.


Curelines enrich your medical knowledge by providing a holistic health and medical library, Users can search easily in our library to get :

-from A to Z medications list.

-a comprehensive medical terms.

-common laboratory tests.

-a valuable health tips.

-up to date medical papers and research.


Ask certified specialists worldwide doctors and get plenty numerous opinions for your medical concerns.

In CureLines :

We respect individual privacy and it doesn’t disclose any private information about browsers for third parties , also we respect publishing rights and individual property and we don’t publish any materials or information that we don’t have the right to publish .


The user should always looks and seeks for medical advice and consult his doctor before starting any treatment or any medical questions . thus, every single information on the curelines site , application and all of what comes from curelines it will be aiming for providing only medical and health information and it should not be used as a substitute for consulting your own doctor or medical examination and laboratory testing , nor it shouldn’t be considered like that.

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