Tetralogy of Falot

It's the most common type of cyanotic heart disease.

Features of the disease :

1. Pulmonary stenosis

2. Right ventricular hypertrophy

3. Ventricular septal defect

4. Overriding of aorta

Causes of the disease :

Right side  to left side  shunt of the blood in the heart.

Signs and symptoms :

Its associated with clubbing of fingers

In mild case may not cause cyanosis

In sever case cause early synosis

Synosis reliefed by squatting position

Patients usually has polycythemia

Ther is acute onset of tachypnea and synosis which can lead to syncope

Diagnosis :

Chest x_ray : boot shaped heart

Dark lung field

ECG : right axis devotion

Echocardiogram the best for diagnosis

Treatment :





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